What are Quick Same Day Cash loans?

Such loans are delivered to help the borrowers in need of instant cash help, for their unexpected expenses.

Are there any credit checks for such loans?

Yes, lender runs a quick credit check before he can trust you with the loan.

Do I have to pledge any collateral?

Since these loans are unsecured in nature and given for a short term. You do not need to give any collateral against such loans.

How can I apply for the loans?

You first need to sign up with us with your general details. We will forward your loan details to the lenders that can match your requirement.

How long does it take to gain the approval?

The time depends upon validation of your loan application by the lender. For faster approval of your loan you are advised to give all the complete and valid details.

Am I eligible for this loan?

Before applying you need to fulfill certain pre-conditions. You should be a citizen of Australia, above 18 years of age, employed and hold an active bank account.

How much can I gain from such loans?

You can avail an amount up to A$1000 for catering your small urgent expenses.

What is the term given to repay the loan?

You are given a term period of 14-31 days to pay off the loan.

What will be the consequences of late payment?

In case you are not able to pay off in time, you can be charged with a good amount of penalty.

Will my bad credit affect the loan?

If you are suffering from a bad credit you will not be disqualified. Some lenders may consider you depending upon your current repaying ability.

Is there any processing fee?

We as a mediator do not charge any fee, but the lender providing you with loan may ask for a minimal amount of fee.

Can I utilize the loan for any purpose?

Yes, you are free to use the borrowed money for any personal purpose without any objection from the lender.

What if I don't like a loan scheme?

We put you under no obligation to accept the loan deal. You can refuse the deal, if you are not comfortable with its terms.

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