Privacy Policy

Quick Same Day Cash ensures that our consumer's personal data will be used according to the present rule of the Data Protection Act 1988. We only provide our services to the people of Australia. Before you move forward with our services, you need to go through the privacy policy of our website.

We store the personal data of each consumer in a safe web space. So the consumers can be sure that all the private and important personal information they trust us with, is technically and physically protected. Third party does not have access to your personal details. You data will only be used by the representative of our site in order to provide service to the users.

All your personal data is transferred via application form to our representative and which is then forwarded to the lenders in our network. If the lender finds your loan request appealing, you will be offered desired loan deal.

At Quick Same Day Cash, consumer is the only person who has complete access to all the login details and we in no way are responsible for this data disclosure. Consumer is responsible for giving access to login information to the third parties.

The personal data required in the application form is necessary, in order to provide the service which matches the needs of the consumer. This data is also used by money lenders which suggest their service on the website. We may also use your information during technical issues or other disputes.

You may also come across some third part links or ads while surfing through the site. These links does not hold any connection to our site. You can access such links for your personal purpose, but at your own risk. We do not promotes or affiliate such sites. We are not liable for any kind of loss or damage through such third party links.

We at Quick Same Day Cash, try our best to match you with best lenders providing affordable loan deals. The lender decides on your loan depending upon your current repaying ability, income, past debts and credit history. After the approval the amount will be credited to your checking account.

You do not require giving identification proof for all our services. For some services like getting a general view of the loan, current interest rate or for latest offers in the market; you do not require giving your personal details.

We take all security steps to safeguard your information from unauthorized access. However, we cannot completely protect you from all the threats. The company computers are prone to illegal access and the data they derive can be misused.

You are advised to update you details in case of any changes or editing is needed. We generally depend upon you to inform us in case any changes are required to be made in your data. We like to keep our customer's data up to date.

If you are not fully satisfied by the services provided by our company, you can contact us. you can email us or contact us at Quick Same Day Cash.