Terms and Conditions

We at Quick Same Day Cash are not a direct lending company but only a mediator. Please be sure to read the terms and conditions before using this site. Any further browsing will be considered as your acceptance to the company's terms. If you are not comfortable with the terms of the site, you are requested to navigate away from the site.

  • Eligibility Criteria- You first has to fulfill the eligibility criteria for quick loans before you go forward to apply for such loans. You should be at least 18 years of age and a citizen of Australia while applying for these loans. You should have a reliable source of income and hold an active bank account under your name.
  • The Site Information- The content we display on our sites is gathered through a reliable source. We do a proper research before posting such content on our site. But we do not give any assurance for the content to be complete and accurate.
  • No Liability- Our website gives a general overview of the quick loans. We take no responsibility of any loss that you might face due to the loan deal with the lender. We are impartial towards all the lenders and do not favor anyone in particular. We do not affect the lender's decision on whether he wants to accept or reject your loan request. As you choose a loan scheme for yourself, you are advised to take legal suggestion by a professional.
  • Third Party Links- There are many links that pops up when you are browsing the site. Such links carry no relevance to our site and can be accessed at your own risk. Our website does not promote or encourage such third party links. You can use these sites for your reference and comfort only. Any loss or trouble that you face through such sites, do not hold any relevance to our site.
  • Company Service- We are not a direct lender or a broker but purely a mediator. We basically provide you with free service and connect you to our wide network of lenders. We make sure that the lender's can match your demands and provide you cash help of at least A$1000. We only introduce you to the lending party and any kind of loss or damage, which may occur due your loan agreement, is not our responsibility.
  • Changes in Site- Our website may not be accessible round the clock due to some changes. We have the authority to withdraw our services without giving any prior notification. We can restrict the usage of some pages of our site for confidential reasons.

We at Quick Same Day Cash make all the terms and condition of the site clear. We do not influence you decision making process, as it's your individual choice. You should consider all the options before going for a particular loan deal. You need to first register with us by providing general details and we in turn will forward you loan deal to appropriate lenders.